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Creating a cross-platform mobile app that combats unhealthy habits

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Jason Mathew

Jason Mathew

Founder & CEO of LeadMeNot

HebronSoft has this alignment with faith and value but they also has the necessary technical chops and ability. HebronSoft is super communicative; they are in it with me every day. We have daily standups and telegram communication. They’re responsive and get back to me in a timely manner. Communication is awesome.

Case overview

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Being on the same page with your client is crucial when it comes to helping men and women who are at risk of being exposed to digital hazards. Sharing the same philosophy, our client Jason Mathew, the founder of LeadMeNot and an ardent supporter of healthy digital lifestyles, reached out to HebronSoft asking to create a robust mobile application for supercharging his great upheaval ideas.

The scope of work set
our team

The new software accountability platform was aimed at helping digitally addicted and distracted people combat and overcome their bad online habits. Primarily designed for fighting porn addiction, the mobile application would proactively assist users to resist any kind of digital temptation, and trigger on every misleading activity that users might fall while surfing the Internet.

It was decided that the LeadMeNot platform would provide end-users with free of charge services to help a wider range of digital addicts. What’s more, Jason Mathew wanted us to build a mobile app with a great deal of customization to enable highly personalized recommendations for self-reflection and introspection. On top of this, the LeadMeNot application had to be a cross-platform software solution to cater to the needs of both Android and iOS mobile device owners.

Cross-platform project screens with scheduling event

The solution outline

Project mockups with the setting section screens

Once we defined the scope of work, our goal was to create a mobile application that could provide end-users with the following benefits:

  • User-friendly design
  • Multiple user roles
  • Shared profile for supervisor monitoring
  • Event-triggered alerts and notifications
  • Cross-platform natively compiled application

Technology stack we used

It was decided to leverage the potential of Flutter as a robust software development kit to build
fast and reliable mobile applications.
the rocket flying up with the information of used technologies for cross-platform app development

The results delivered

The mobile application created is a great tool that helps people suffering from addictive behavior to fight temptation that causes harm to their lives.
The following features ensure its smooth functionality:

  • Ease to install and set up.
  • Intuitive UI design and easy navigation
  • Quick adding of your accountability partners that help overcome your addiction
  • Timely notifications for your partners warning them that you are currently doing something wrong or inappropriate
  • Safe data collection algorithms that secure your private data safety and ensure confidentiality
  • Proactive monitoring of user online activities
  • Efficient data analytics based on Artificial Intelligence
  • Log keeping for recurring activities of self-reflection and introspection
  • Encrypted transferring of user data from smartphone to a server, where data is analyzed. If there is a case of detecting prohibited content watching or otherwise using, the real-time alerts from the server are sent to accountability partners.
  • Completely free of charge!
Mockup with the screens where the user can see his progres and all activities in the app

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