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Creating a cross-platform mobile app that combats unhealthy habits

4 mockups with the cross-platform mobile app
Jason Mathew

Jason Mathew

Founder & CEO of LeadMeNot

HebronSoft has this alignment with faith and value but they also has the necessary technical chops and ability. HebronSoft is super communicative; they are in it with me every day. We have daily standups and telegram communication. They’re responsive and get back to me in a timely manner. Communication is awesome.

Case overview

project mockups with 3 beginning screens

Being on the same page with your client is crucial when it comes to helping men and women who are at risk of being exposed to digital hazards. Sharing the same philosophy, our client Jason Mathew, the founder of LeadMeNot and an ardent supporter of healthy digital lifestyles, reached out to HebronSoft asking to create a robust mobile application for supercharging his great upheaval ideas.

The scope of work set
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