LeadMeNot - Mental Health and Digital Wellness application

Client: Breaking bad habits is tough. It's no wonder why 80% of resolutions fail. LeadMeNot (CJ2 Solutions) is here to help you break free from these habits by recognizing your digital patterns and prescribing solutions that help keep you accountable.

Location: Oklahoma, USA

How relationship started: Relationship started many years ago based on social responsibility of Hebron ecosystem, where Jason Mathew being advocate of mental health and helping people to kick bad digital habits. Jason wanted asked to build a mobile application which coaches people on journey to reach freedom based on specified areas of struggle

Challenge: Dynamic catching and analysis of people mobile and web apps usage patterns, usage time, typing on the keyboard, content nature and deep penetration into native APIs of native Android OS services

Services and Expertise: Mobile Development, Tech Advisory, Testing Services; Full-stack Engineering; Cloud & DevOps

Technologies: Flutter, Kotlin, Node.js, Firebase, AWS


  • Quickly setup accountability partners network that helps user overcome their addiction
  • Proactive and deep monitoring of user online activities
  • Timely notifications to partners warning them that user is currently engaged in harmful or inappropriate activity.
  • Safe data collection algorithms that secure user private data and ensure confidentiality
  • Logging of recurring activities for self-reflection and introspection
  • Encrypted transfer of user data from smartphone to a server, where data is analyzed. If there is an instance of prohibited behavior there are real-time alerts sent to accountability partners.

Value of our services:

  • The mobile application we created is an effective toolset that helps people to recover from addictive behavior to fight their temptations that cause harm to their lives and mental health:
  • Personalizing of journey: Customize your journey to reach freedom based on specified areas of struggle in mental health
  • Recognize triggers: Set known triggers (e.g. 'No YouTube after midnight) and we'll monitor online behavior & negative patterns
  • Reflect & stay encouraged: We'll help ensure that you remain confident in your journey by fostering reflection, connection, and encouragement