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Mark Peterson

Managing Partner, Flint Learning Solutions

Their project management abilities are very strong. They’re consistently willing to take feedback and incorporate it into future iterations of prototypes. Open to transparency, they allow their partner to track progress through Jira.


The EdTech market is rapidly gaining momentum, as more and more learners are jumping on board with e-learning. Its contribution to the field of education is indispensable. Online-training, educational curriculum, workplace skills, programming, etc. have taken on entirely new forms thanks to e-learning and other EdTech related trends.

EdTech companies

Flint is a top EdTech company that specializes in creating custom learning solutions for both public and private organization within the US and Canada. Flint recognized the need in the learning space for an online ecosystem that would bring all the elements of training into one platform.


Flint’s team searched for a software platform that would enable them to do the following:

Track and manage all user activities and progress;

Provide an interactive space for on the job training;

Provide each user with a separate, but unified account with full access to all necessary training assets.

Flint chose HebronSoft to create a cutting-edge learning solution that would fill the gaps, by streamlining the entire infrastructure. Based on our experience and expertise, we developed a transformative product to fully meet all the requirements Flint submitted and more.

Key Challenges

Flint provided a working prototype of their MDP (management development program) dashboard and MDP data model, which clearly displayed their vision for features needing to be added, changed or deleted.