Meet SMEs:
What You Will Learn:

What is Vision Re-engineering?
- Hardest of all collaborative sales conversations
- Exploration of alternatives for an improved buyer vision
- Sales approach which produces better end results for your clients


Why Should You Deploy This Approach?
- Solve the buyer’s problems in a different, but better way
- Help the buyer capitalize on an emerging opportunity
- Improve your success rate of winning new business


How Do You Employ Vision Reengineering?
- Tactfully
- From an informed point of view
- Based on strong situational fluency


When Should You Use Vision Reengineering?
- How to qualify and disqualify opportunities
- Where they are in their buying journey
- Scope of the opportunity

Benefits You Will Get:

Get valuable advice from leaders of the tech industry


Get a chance to ask your question and get an answer from one of us


Learn from listening to SMEs and questions of other participants