Social Mission

The Hebron Story – a sustainable solution for social issues


Hebron’s story began in 2016 with the founding of the non-profit education charity organization IT Academy Hebron. Hebron’s aim is to help orphanage graduates and other underprivileged youth in Ukraine.

Therefore, Hebron’s founders devised a model leading to sustainability, by creating a for-profit company HebronSoft to provide funding and professionals to help Hebron.

Hebron’s students receive full board; psychological, spiritual, and medical support; modern education in software engineering, English language, and critical thinking.

With the help of HebronSoft, Hebron students have a place for internship, mentoring in a profession, fostering a better education program and real understanding of software company functioning, and permanent employment

As a charity without government funding, Hebron struggles financially. Education is expensive, and it’s not easy to find mentors and teachers. The question of being dependent on grants and fundraising was frequently raised.

As a social company, HebronSoft meets the following requirements: HebronSoft gives hiring preference to employees from socially disadvantaged backgrounds for 10-50% of active workforce. Profits generated by HebronSoft and not used for its expansion are directed to social needs, not to shareholder dividends.